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September 9, 2007, 12:20 pm
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ever since Dark City closed I’ve been kinda homeless and not really doing much. sometimes i roller skate at tommy gun on Tuesdays but it’s just not the same.

there’s a new Blacklist opening next weekend and so I’ll start hanging out there. it’s not the same but it should be cool.

anyway, when I started in SL all I did was hang out in strip clubs and lately I haven’t done that so the other night I said hey i’ma go hang out in a strip club. so i went to Arsheba because I know Ten Book from way back and she always treats me like a superstar (which i am) whenever I go visit.

it was her birthday so she was dancing and it was cool to see her.

normally i just toss a few L$ at all the girls dancing, make an ass of myself for a while and then leave but this night i just hung around and talked to one girl for a while, asked questions like why she was a stripper or the craziest shit she’d seen in the club or whatever. it was fun. i have a new favorite stripper, but you know how fickle i am so i will probably have a new one next weekend.

amara came over later and hung out with me and it was cool. she likes strippers too.


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